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Ellie M

Ellie M

A West London native, Ellie Morgan spent her gap year tending bar in W12's Bush Hall, watching and admiring the artists performing and passing through. Though never a wallflower, this pensive 20 year old anthropology student is now ready to take centre stage herself.

"The perfect combination of old melodic swing, gorgeous and familiar instrument elements, and some out of this world vocals that make us feel small. A debut single that should be playing on every single corner of the world and turn Ellie M into a musical phenomenon." - Where The Music Meets

"Ellie M has a powerful and fabulously distinct voice, her vocals on 'Losing My Mind' is both captivating and stunning, as is the song" - Beehive Candy

"The bluesy guitar melody is matched by some seriously impressive vocals that are pitched somewhere between Amy Winehouse and Sia with a soul, personality and controlled power. At just 20 and with this as her first musical missive, Ellie M has a frightening amount potential on the road ahead of her" - Listen With Monger

"Hit play and let Ellie M show you how it's done. And don't forget to turn the volume right up" - Zone Nights

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Ellie M Losing My Mind

Losing My Mind